Belmont Harbor Elopement in Chicago | Joyce + John

Sometimes love just can’t wait! That was definitely the case for Joyce + John, who had their elopement in Chicago near the lake at Belmont Harbor. It was a memorable morning surrounded by loved ones!

Their Story

“We met each other in 2009 at the University of Texas at Austin,” Joyce told me. “Specifically as lifeguards at the campus recreation pool. We would work a few shifts together or be paired up together and I remember how deeply he could make me laugh with his goofy jokes. John is a naturally upbeat and seriously funny guy. I laugh really easily at jokes, so we were a perfect match for sharing a good time with each other. John was a Senior and I was a Sophomore.

“Our story truly begins when he and his 5 roommates threw a ‘Halloween Brotacular.’ They invited everyone they knew and dressed in full penguin costumes. This night was also where John anticipated telling me his feelings for me. Things didn’t work out like he planned, but he continued with the pursuit! My best friend and I spent that whole autumn hanging out with the guys at their place. He finally shared his feelings for me the night before Christmas Break, only to have me turn him down and keep things as friends!

A Change of Heart

“Despite my initial rejection (and with the help of my best friend who helped me see him in another light while encouraging John to keep trying with me because “Joyce has no idea what she’s talking about”), John continued to woo me. We didn’t see each other for almost 3 weeks, but we talked every single day of our Christmas break. By Christmas Day, I realized how wrong I was to turn him down and felt all the butterflies whenever I talked to him. We decided that we needed to spend New Year’s Eve together in Austin. This was my first New Year away from my closest friends and family from back home, but it ended up being one of the best nights of my life. Since 12/31/09, we have together raised a sweet dog, traveled the world, moved to a new city and fell in love with it, defined what home means to us, and came out of a global pandemic stronger than we went in.”

Lakeside Elopement

I met the couple and their families on a beautiful Saturday morning in September. Joyce + John had figured ahead of time where they wanted their ceremony to be, so we all fell into place. For them, an elopement in Chicago was the only way to go when it came to their wedding. They wanted something intimate and just for them! After John’s brother performed the ceremony, we sauntered around the area to take some portraits. I loved that the wind created some fun moments for us to play around by the water! We eventually went over to the Jarvis Bird Sanctuary and snagged some intimate shots among the trees.

I really loved getting to know these two. Photographing their elopement in Chicago was a true honor. As much as I love big weddings, I often find that minimonies like this one can have just as big of an impact. Congrats Joyce + John! :)

Jumpsuit: BHLDN

Family gathered for an elopement in Chicago
Family of the bride watching her wedding at Belmont Harbor
Bride reading her vows during her elopement in Chicago
Groom laughing while reading his vows
Bride smiling while listening to the groom reading his vows
Bride crying at her elopement in Chicago at Belmont Harbor
Bride and groom kissing during their elopement in Chicago
Couple walking away from their wedding ceremony after they had their elopement in Chicago
Couple kissing at Belmont Harbor in Chicago
Mother of the bride crying
Bride and groom posing for a photo with their families
Groom helping his bride down some steps near the Chicago lakefront
Bride and groom kissing and posing for photos by the Chicago lakefront
Couple smiling with their dog in front of Lake Michigan after their elopement in Chicago
Bride and groom walking hand in hand down the lakefront trail in Chicago
Lake Michigan waters crashing on the shore
Groom spinning bride while she smiles with the Chicago skyline in the background
Bride laughing with the groom after their elopement in Chicago at Belmont Harbor
Bride and groom smiling for portraits by the lake in Chicago
Bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other with the Chicago skyline in the background
Bride leaning back against the groom and laughing
Bride looking out toward the lake with the wind in her hair
close up of bride's heels next to the grooms shoes
Bride and groom laughing and smiling while walking down the lakefront
Couple holding hands walking down the lakefront after their elopement in Chicago
Couple smiling and walking in Chicago
Groom spinning the bride in his arms while smiling after their elopement in Chicago
Bride and groom kissing with the Chicago Skyline behind them after their elopement in Chicago
Close up of the bride and groom holding hands
Groom standing behind the bride in the woods and smiling
Groom kissing the bride on the cheek
Bride and groom looking at each other in the woods after their elopement in Chicago
Dog in a bowtie at the feet of the bride and groom
Couple kissing while holding hands and standing over their dog in a bowtie
close up of dog in a bowtie
Bride and groom walking with their dog and holding hands after their elopement in Chicago

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