Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool Engagement Session | Christine + James

Chicago in the summer is an incredible place to be. Each neighborhood offers it’s own unique charm and special feeling. Lincoln Park is no exception, containing the infamous Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. The surrounding area contains a gorgeous Lakefront, the country’s largest free zoo, and plenty of large parks. Many folks come from all over the city and all over the state to experience Lincoln Park’s exceptional beauty.

A Stunning Scene

The lush oasis sits right at the corner of Fullerton and North Cannon Drive. The garden entrance is so unassuming you might miss it if you walk by too quickly! But once you’re in, you’ll never want to leave. The lily pool itself is, of course, magical. In this photographer’s personal opinion, most of the allure comes from the dense forestry the encompasses the gated area. You’re truly able to be transported out of the urban life and into a small jungle. The winding, inviting pathways urge you to explore as your imagination runs as wild as the winding vines.

Our Fun Session

I met James + Christine at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in the middle of the day. Normally, the high-noon summer sun can be really intense. With the tree coverage, however, everything was perfectly cool. We also were blessed with a partly-cloudy day which ensured we wouldn’t have too many crazy shadows. The rain we received the day before made the gardens *extra* green for us that afternoon, so we were all excited to take some photos.

We followed the path around the pond as I snagged some cute shots. They were both constantly smiling, which definitely made my job easier! At one point they wanted to mimic James’ proposal, so we took a staged shot of him getting down on one knee. Immediately after Christine said, “I want to do it too!” So then SHE got down on one knee as well. Remember folks, ANYONE can propose! I also loved that James insisted on wearing an engagement ring as well. “Well it makes sense, right?” He said. “Women wear one, and I want to show my commitment as well.”

These two really have a beautiful partnership together and I just know James + Christine are going to have an incredible life together. They are so in love it’s stupid, and I had the best time capturing it all at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool on that beautiful June afternoon. Plus, James gave me some baked goods as a thank you! I was able to eat most of them when I got home before one of my cats got into the bag of goodies. :)

Lily pads in a lily pool
Couple holding each other in a garden
Couple walking hand in hand in a garden
Man and woman embracing in the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
Man and woman dancing next to a lily pool
Man and woman laughing while dancing in a garden
Couple sitting on steps looking out into a garden
Closeup of couple holding hands with rings
Woman dancing next to a lily pond
Couple walking in the bushes
Man and woman laughing with each other in the bushes
Couple looking at each other while walking hand in hand
Man getting down on one knee to propose in the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
Man and woman laughing together while walking in the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
Man and and woman standing in the middle of a garden while looking at each other
Man and woman dancing in the bishes by a lily pond
Man picking up woman next to the water
Man and woman dancing and looking at their reflection in the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
Man spinning woman with her legs in the air
Couple holding each other while at the edge of a lily pond
Man and woman staring out into a lily pool
Close up of a couple walking down steps in a garden

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