ALBUM guide

You've had the big day– you and your person said "I do" and are ready to start the rest of your lives! It doesn't matter if it was in front of hundreds of people, close friends + family, some folks on Zoom or a judge at City Hall. You two have tied the knot, had an incredible wedding and want to know the best way to remember your day. Sure, online photos are great. But you're looking for something you can hold in your hand. Something you can pass down. An everlasting representation of your day.

Once again, I got you.

Whether you're envisioning something classic and timeless, something bold and colorful, or anything in between, you're guaranteed to fall in love with one of the many options available. 

And here's the most amazing thing– your album will be designed and made the old-fashioned way... by a real, living and breathing human! Working closely with my trusted printing lab partners, I'll be making sure every single photo is perfectly edited and thoughtfully situated to tell the story of your special day. No lazy shortcuts or quick fixes here! 

There's nothing more rewarding than being able to hold the finished product in my hands, even if it's just for a moment, knowing that soon it'll be on its way to you, for your everlasting viewing pleasure. 

Please make sure to read through every step so nothing is missed!

Look through your options + fill out my form to get started

We'll design your album together, making sure we nail every single detail

Once everything is approved, it'll take 4-5 weeks to arrive at your doorstep





16 x 12
14 x 11
12 x 9
10 x 8
8 x 6
5 x 4

size options + pricing

Big or small, these are some of the highest quality books you can find. Albums start with a minimum of 10 spreads (20 pages) and will hold a maximum of 50 spreads (100 pages). 

Any added pages, special cover materials or size upgrades that are not included with already included with your albums will incur additional fees. You will need to fill out the form at the bottom of the Album Guide to get started.


10 x 8 Album, 15 Spreads (30 Pages)



8 x 6 Album, 10 Spreads (20 Pages)

12 x 9 Album, 18 Spreads (36 Pages)


14 x 11 Album, 18 Spreads (36 Pages)


5 x 4 Album, 10 Spreads (20 Pages)


Additional Spreads

$15 each

16 x 12 Album, 20 Spreads (40 Pages)


Plan on making albums for parents or loved ones? I'll take off 10% off full priced albums for each additional album that has the same amount of spreads and the same cover design. Album material, debossing color, and interior design can be altered.




*Black Licorice

*Silver Icing

Canapetta Black

Elephant Ears

*Soda Pop

Asahi Graphite

*Candy Foil

Canapatta Grey


Asahi Navy

Asahi Indigo

*Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Streusel

*Blue Lollypop Sprinkles

*Blue Raspberry

Asahi Blue Mohair


Asahi Marine Blue


Saltwater Taffy

Pacific Punch

*Blue Taffy Sprinkles

Asahi Turquoise Blue

Asahi Soft Blue

Asahi Eggplant


*Grape Ice Spinkles

Raspberry Gelato

*Razzleberry Sprinkles

Sweet Lilac

*Sugar Plum

*Black Cherry

Canapatta Burgundy

*Cranberry Cocktail

*Red Velvet Cake

Canapatta Red

*Red Licorice

*Pumpkin Pie

*Candy Apple

*Strawberry Sprinkles

Dragon Fruit

*Bubble Gum Sprinkles

Pink Lemonade

Candy Corn

Carrot Cake

Lemon Drop



*Mint Chip

*Pistachio Ice Cream


Golden Pear


Caribbean Punch

Asahi Sage Green

Asahi White

*Sour Apple Sprinkles

Asahi Marigold

*Chocolate Truffle


*Chewy Fudge


*Copper Sprinkles

Asahi Terracotta


*Gold Sprinkles


*Almond Brittle


Canapatta Tan

Asahi Linen Blend


Natural Toasted Marshmellow

Canapetta Natural

Natural Cannoli

*Rock Candy

*White Chocolate


Natural Vanilla Bean

Atomic Sugar

*Silver Sprinkles

*White Sugar

*Blue Jelly Bean

Book Cloth

Book cloths have a natural finish. Asahi book cloths are made from Japanese woven silks and linens. Canapetta and Natural book clothes are made from cotton/linen. All other book cloths are made from 100% rayon. Colors marked with * are made with a coated book cloth, coated to protect from stains + spills. Sprinkles colors made from 100% rayon and have metallic sparkle. Other colors made from a polycotton blend.

Caramel Latte Light Brown

Cinnamon Spice Red

Espresso Black

French Roast Dark Brown

Mocha Medium Brown

Vanilla Latte


Smooth texture, made from real leather.


Grey Sky

Mahogany Brown

Midnight Black

Powder Pink

Rain Forest

Sand Beige

Sea Blue

Sea Glass

Silver Mist

Snow White

Soft Sky


Sunset Red


Premium leather (+$85)

Smooth texture, made from real leather.

Almond Butter

Bomber Jacket







Rustic leather (+$85)

Beautiful top grain leather with a weathered texture.


American Honey

Black Stout


Brown Ale

Full Grain leather (+$85)

Full Grain Leather that retains its natural marks and patina. Made to last generations.


Gray Goose



Nuckbuck leather (+$85)

Nubuck Leather with soft suede texture that will develop a rich patina. Made to repel water and stains.



Earl Gray



No Moo Blue


Vitamin Sea

Eco leather (+$45)

Animal free leather with a soft nappa feel, made from earth-friendly materials.

Velvet Aquamarine

Velvet Black Pearl

Velvet Blue Tropaz

Velvet Citrine

Velvet Emerald Green

Velvet Fire Opal

Velvet Jade

Velvet Pink Topaz

Velvet Rose Quartz

Velvet Ruby

Velvet Sapphire

Velvet Silver

Velvet Smokey Quartz

Velvet Steel

Velvet (+$45)

Luxurious thick velvet with striated texture made from cotton and rayon blend.



Blue Metallic

Chocolate Brown





Gray Matte


Light Blue Metallic

Pink Metallic

Purple Metallic

Red Matte

Red Metallic

Rose Gold

Royal Blue


Turquoise Metallic


This is what the text color will be on the front cover design! The colored foils can only be added to a book cloth cover, while leather + velvet covers can have a blind or clear debossing. Copper, Rose Gold and Gold are the most popular choices.

Example: Copper debossing of my logo on Asahi Blue Mohair

















This is where we really get to get creative! Below are all of my cover options. You are definitely not limited to the original design. Things can be adjusted, taken out, moved, reworded, etc. For example, you could let me know that you like #4, but you only want you + your partner's names and nothing extra. Or that you like #7, but want both names above the floral image. Maybe you LOVE #6 but only want your initials. Nothing will go into production until you give the final say!

Choose your Design


Display Box


Store your treasured album in an elegant display box for maximum longevity. This beautifully crafted box will keep your album safe for future generations to come.

This compact stylish slip case provides additional protection for your album. Wether travelling overseas to see family or next door to your neighbours. This travel size case will protect your album no matter where you go.

Dust Jacket

Can't decide whether to go with the material cover or photo wrap? Why not have both!

Order a dust Jacket to further protect your album while adding an extra feature to the design.




Spine Design

If you've got an extensive book collection, this one is for you! Made to ensure you know *exactly* what to reach for when you're ready to relive your wedding day all over again.



Once we nail down the exterior design of the album, it's time to edit the inside! Cloud Proofing is an online system that lets you view and make comments on the album digitally through a program called SmartAlbums. After you've completed my form, I'll send an email that will give you access to your password-protected online album that I have created. This is where you'll be able to flip through the pages to see the layout design. If you want to make any adjustments (switching photo placements, replacing a photo with another from your gallery, etc.) you can let me know in the comment box below each page.

This is where you let me know about any changes you want to see happen to this page. All comments need to be made here so that it shows up on my album editing software!

The arrow allows you to flip through each page to see the entire album.

The numbers in the top corners are there so you can reference the photos that are already placed in the album on that page.

If you're looking to replace or add specific photos, you'll use the number associated with each individual picture in your gallery. This prevents any confusion and ensures that we're talking about the same picture. To find each number associated with the photo, just enlarge the photo in your gallery and find it listed right below. The first photo in your gallery is Name+Name_WEDDING-1 and continues consecutively. 

Remember, the goal is to tell the story of your day. I want to make sure I put your must-haves in the album, but we don't want each page to be overstuffed. Some photos are important enough to have a page of their own!

This is what I see when you submit your comments! My software will tell me what spread you are referring to and show up directly in my editing program.

Let's get started

Wahoo! Let's make this album! We'll be in contact once the form is filled out so I can triple check the details. Once I give you the final price and you purchase the album (different payment options available), it'll get put into production. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can answer any questions for you. I look forward to making your album! :)

If an album/albums are included in your package, please fill out the second form below this one!






Vision Art makes their albums with archival ink, allowing it withstand the test of time. Their goal is to create books that folks can pass down through generation after generation. It's an incredibly innovative company that continues to create amazing designs and sturdy materials with incredible quality. They also have one of the best customer service teams I've ever dealt with. If something on my order looks funky or they need to triple check something, they give me a call and/or email me. The folks at Vision Art are people who take deep pride at their job and I'm proud to be a loyal customer. Plus, ONLY photographers can order through them. Anyone who wants to work with them has to apply.

The time it takes before I send off the album to be created depends on our communication. Because I double and triple check details, our back and forth can vary when it comes to timing. When I receive comments on a project in SmartAlbums, I try to make the necessary adjustments within 24 - 48 hours. You'll get an email letting you know the changes were made. Once approved, the album takes 3-4 weeks at Vision Art. Once I receive it, my foal is to get it on your doorstep within a week. Live in the Chicago area? I'd be happy to drop it off or have it be picked up!

YES absolutely! In fact, most of my couples who don't book a package that includes an album end up ordering one after the wedding. That way you have extra time to decide on what your favorite photos are. It's a great way to relive the memory of your wedding day all over again. I've had some clients reach out after years. You can always take your time. However, cost of production goes up every year– so the earlier you order, the more money you'll save!

There's a few of ways they can do this, I'm honestly pretty flexible. If they just want the exact same album you have, then you have the option of ordering two books or your parents can fill out the form telling me they want a duplicate (they can also just send me an email with their home address if that's easier). This way I can send it straight to them without using you as a middleman. With the exception of the original album, all duplicates are 10% off. If they want to design their own album, they will need to 1. fill out my form and 2. have access to your gallery. I'll take it from there! This discount is only applicable if they have the same cover design with the same amount of spreads (they can change the album material, debossing color, and interior design).

Every album is different. I try not to cram too many photos in the book to prevent it from looking like an Instagram feed. While I don't have an exact number in mind, my main goal is to tell the story of your day. Sometimes a photo is powerful enough to take up an entire page, while another might go best with a bunch of others. It all depends on the moment. I often enjoy having quieter moments stand alone and put a lot of dance floor photos next to each other. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have a specific vision!

Of course! I want to make sure you have your must-have moments included in your album. I'll create the initial design to get us started. This means you don't have to get overwhelmed sitting in front your computer choosing each photo! Once you've taken a look, you can let me know if you want to swap and/or add any other photos into the layout via my Cloud Proofing system. Remember, y'all get the final say on how the album looks both inside and out.

At this time I am only accepting payments through Zelle or other direct money orders from banks. If you would like to pay via credit card, an additional $5 fee is added to your purchase.

I can take care of any creative aspect of the design that you don't want to deal with. I'll still need your approval before putting it into production, but I'm more than happy to put together something with colors and designs I think would suit you best.

Unfortunately I can only create albums with my own images. General photographer policy is that we don't handle images taken by another photographer unless given permission specifically. If someone else captured your special day, make sure to reach out to them personally about their album options.

Of course! Albums are not just limited to weddings. If you're looking for an album for guests to sign at your wedding that features your engagement photos, let me know so we can design it accordingly. This might mean leaving lots of blank space on pages for people to write notes or ordering a special paper.

All descriptions of cover materials, images of material colors and sizing references are the property of Vision Art